June 07, 2006

Raiders of the Lost Ark, mon.

Last night we went to the Castro for a 25th Anniversary screening of one of our favorite movies of all time "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Needless to say, it was freekin' awesome. The movie was as exciting as ever. Seeing it on the big screen was a huge thrill. And seeing it at the Castro, with a live organ player getting us all in the mood by bustin' out the theme song on the mighty Wurlitzer...Ridiculous!!

We were so inspired by the whole experience that we came home and got out our treasured copy of "Raiders of the Lost Dub" a 1981 dub album that pays loving, Rasta-rific tribute to the film. With contributors like Black Uhuru, The Wailers, and Burning Spear and titles like, "The Monkey is a Spy", "Pit of Snakes", and "Who's in the Tomb" you've gotta love it. Click here if you'd like to hear some samples...

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