December 20, 2008

Checking in

OK so December is nearly over and we've only written 3 posts all month! Like I mentioned earlier, we've been super focused on shoppe stuff for the past few weeks... but here's a little peek at what else we've been up to.


Eating crappy food

Walking around Chinatown

Going to the aquarium

Making beeswax candles

The most exciting thing for me was hearing Derek on NPR's Forum this past Thursday, speaking about DIY Holiday Gifts. Click here to listen!

We have also been posting visual inspiration to our personal blogs, (here and here) and trying to keep up with our weekly Twin Peaks viewing parties (we'll take any excuse possible to watch TV while eating pie and drinking coffee).

But we are most excited about how we will be spending our last week of the year- in a log cabin near the Russian River. As soon as we saw this picture of the red dutch door, we were sold. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Finally..... Photo Assignment: Time

Aaaah.... the life of a shoppe owner during the holidays! Unfortunately we haven't had any time this month to think about anything else- especially this past week. But finally... here is this week's photo assignment, 3 days late. Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo! We'll be taking the next couple weeks off but please check back after the first of the year for more weekly picture taking assignments!

Derek's photo

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December 11, 2008

Photo assignment: Crumpled

Boy oh boy has this been a busy week! So much so that neither one of us had a chance to submit a "crumpled" photo for today, (and I'm posting this later than normal!) Thank goodness our dedicated readers were on top of things and sent in some amazing photos for us all to enjoy. Next week's theme is: "time". Email your photo to: before next Thursday and we promise to find "time" to take some of our own next week! Thanks everyone!

Bev's photo

Tom's photo

Joelle's photo

Jonathan's photo

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December 04, 2008

Photo assignment: Side by Side

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo this week! Next week's theme is: "crumpled". Email your photo to: before next Thursday if you'd like to participate! Everyone is welcome!

Derek's photo

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