December 19, 2006

Six days and counting...

Is Christmas really less than a week away?? Let's make something with Christmas cards today, shall we? I just love how there is an entire magazine dedicated to Christmas card crafts! Of course I especially liked the bird house, which is the one I'll be making with my cards this year. Happy crafting!

December 13, 2006

This Just In

Talking Painting by J. Richel

Vintage Paint by Number Postcard

Test Print Journal

One reason we opened the Curiosity Shoppe was so we could find and sell interesting, one-of-a-kind objects and pieces of art. Little did we realize what an incredible amount of work it is to keep an online store stocked with one-of-a-kind objects! Fortunately, the artists and designers we work with are great about sending us new stuff whenever we ask for it. But then it's up to us to photograph and write all the descriptions... we can hardly keep up!

I'm so excited about the most recent shipments of Talking Paintings and Vintage Paint by Number Postcards that we just posted in the Gallery, and Test Print Blank Journals from Hammerpress that are for sale in the Office. Such great stuff!

December 07, 2006


Just a quick Hello as a take a short break from my packing and shipping duties over here at the Curiosity Shoppe- you holiday shoppers are keeping us busy!!

As Christmas gets closer and closer and I realize that I haven't started making any of my holiday gifts yet, I've been thinking about my favorite craft materials and coming up with ideas that I'll hopefully have time to work on in the next couple weeks! Among my favorites of course is rickrack, and I just love these rickrack candy canes, wreaths and pointsettias from an old issue of Martha that I had saved.

Fingers crossed that some of you will be getting something just as lovingly handcrafted by me under your Christmas trees this year- wish me luck!

December 01, 2006

Hedgehog Mania!

I have hedgehogs on the brain today! I was packing up some of the hedgehog point markers we have for sale in the shoppe and that got me thinking about all the adorable pictures I've seen online recently of peoples' pet hedgehogs. Don't even get Derek started on pet hedgehogs... he's been wanting one ever since he found out that they can be trained to use the litter box! Cute as they are, I just can't imagine our 2 kitties ever getting used to having a little hedgehog roaming around the apartment. He'll just have to settle with the yarn and felt hedgehog I made (pictured here enjoying a nice sunny day out on the lawn) and the magnetic hedgehog paper clip holder that sits on our desk. (Hedgehog photos courtesy of