December 07, 2006


Just a quick Hello as a take a short break from my packing and shipping duties over here at the Curiosity Shoppe- you holiday shoppers are keeping us busy!!

As Christmas gets closer and closer and I realize that I haven't started making any of my holiday gifts yet, I've been thinking about my favorite craft materials and coming up with ideas that I'll hopefully have time to work on in the next couple weeks! Among my favorites of course is rickrack, and I just love these rickrack candy canes, wreaths and pointsettias from an old issue of Martha that I had saved.

Fingers crossed that some of you will be getting something just as lovingly handcrafted by me under your Christmas trees this year- wish me luck!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello to you too!

DO 'come up for air' (from your frenzied packing-filling orders- getting the biz on solid track) once in a while.

It's all in the way you balance.