May 30, 2009

Attention Bay Area Art Lovers!!

Just a little reminder that THE art/cultural/social event of the year is almost upon us. Next Saturday, June 6th is Southern Exposure's Annual Fundraiser and Art Auction!!! I've been checking out the preview of art that is going up for bidding, and it's here to check it out for yourself and start planning now which works you're gonna win.

(here are a couple on my list....)

"Bennington" by Jake Longstreth

"Large Rock Placed onto Field (Country Countryscape)" by Brion Nuda Rosch

"Hunted::Quail:" by Lisa Solomon

"Deep Breath" by Daniel Nevers

"High Desert Winnie" by Sasha Petrenko

Location: Electric Works, 130 8th Street, San Francisco
Preview Event:
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Main Event:
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Live Auction:
8:30 pm - 9:15 pm
Silent Auction:
Lots begin to close at 9:30 pm
Creative Projects:
Shadow, Paper + Drawn Portraits: 6:00 – 10:30 pm

Tickets: Buy tickets online at or over the phone at 415-863-2141.
Main Event/Mise-en-scene: $35
Preview Event/First on the Scene: $100
Purchase a special Preview Event ticket and be first on the scene to place your bids, sneak past the crowds, and snatch up great art with the 'buy it now' option on silent auction items.

Southern Exposure's Annual Fundraiser and Art Auction, Pop Noir, features a live and silent art auction, creative projects, delicious food and beverages, and music. This famously fun event provides direct and critical support for Southern Exposure's Exhibition, Artists in Education and Artists Resource Programs.

For a more information about the event visit:

May 29, 2009

Amy Browne work available online!

Amy Browne's collages are available on the gallery page of our website! Get 'em while they're hot!

And for those of you in SF, don't forget to stop by her opening reception this evening at the shoppe, 6-8pm. See you then!

We're in 7x7 Magazine!

We just got our hands on a copy of the June issue of 7x7 Magazine, and here we are on page 55, in the middle of yet another wallpaper project at our dining room table. Thanks so much Leilani for a great story!

May 28, 2009

Photo Assignment: Sidewalks

Wow... I think this might be one of my favorite collections yet! Wonderful, wonderful photos! Next week's theme is: "hold". Email me your pics (to before next Thursday if you'd like to participate!

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This just in!!! Three more beautiful "sidewalk" photos for this week's post, sent while I was out running around earlier today. Here you go....

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Masking Tape Crafts from Japan!

Last year when Leigh went to Japan, she brought me a beautiful wooden tape dispenser and a bunch of colorful and patterned rolls of tape. We keep the dispenser on our desk at the shoppe, and I swap out the rolls every so often, but I haven't gone much further than to wrap the occasional gift with it. But after visiting this site I'm starting to understand the "mt" (masking tape) craze!

Tape as ribbon!

Tape as flowers!

Tape as notebook decor and folder binding!
(I scanned this one out of a magazine last week- a magazine that featured pages and pages of masking tape crafts. I love this stuff...)

May 27, 2009

New work by Amy Browne in the gallery!!

We are sooooo excited about the new art show that just went up in the shoppe gallery. Amy Browne is a local artist who manipulates vintages advertisements and found paper into the most incredible collages. Come meet Amy and see her amazing work in person this Friday, May 29th from 6-8 pm at the shoppe!

Also- check out this great story about Amy's work in today's SF Chronicle!

The Box

Thanks Cathy for the link to this room in a box video!

May 21, 2009

Photo assignment: Paper

Hello photographers! Thanks as always for your lovely pictures this week. We have been out and about- first camping in Yosemite and now playing catch up- so sorry for the lack of posts. Flickr pictures and more coming soon! In the meantime, the theme for next week's photo post is: "sidewalks". Please send me your photos (to before next Thursday if you'd like to participate.

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May 14, 2009

Wallpaper Quiz Recap!

Wow! That was fun!!
Thanks so much to everyone who submitted answers to our Wallpaper Projects Book Giveaway Quiz!
For those of you who didn't participate, but are curious nonetheless, here are the answers we were looking for:

Question: What wacky 1971 film features a lickable wallpaper that tastes like snozberries?

Answer: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Question: What common kitchen item was used to wallpaper Pop artist Andy Warhol's famous "Silver Factory"?

Answer: Aluminum Foil

Question: Which of the Tenenbaum children has this wallpaper from Scalamandre in their bedroom?

Answer: Margot

Question: Which "Beautiful Loser" artist has his own amazing line of wallpapers called Pottok, which we feature in numerous projects throughout our book?

Answer: Geoff McFetridge

Question: What 2004 movie about New Jersey inspired this shot from our book?

Answer: Garden State

Congratulations Mandy, Jess, and Renee!!! Your books are on their way!

Photo assignment: Technology

Hello photographers! Thanks as always for your great submissions this week. Next week's theme is: "paper". Email your photos to if you'd like to participate!

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