May 14, 2009

Wallpaper Quiz Recap!

Wow! That was fun!!
Thanks so much to everyone who submitted answers to our Wallpaper Projects Book Giveaway Quiz!
For those of you who didn't participate, but are curious nonetheless, here are the answers we were looking for:

Question: What wacky 1971 film features a lickable wallpaper that tastes like snozberries?

Answer: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Question: What common kitchen item was used to wallpaper Pop artist Andy Warhol's famous "Silver Factory"?

Answer: Aluminum Foil

Question: Which of the Tenenbaum children has this wallpaper from Scalamandre in their bedroom?

Answer: Margot

Question: Which "Beautiful Loser" artist has his own amazing line of wallpapers called Pottok, which we feature in numerous projects throughout our book?

Answer: Geoff McFetridge

Question: What 2004 movie about New Jersey inspired this shot from our book?

Answer: Garden State

Congratulations Mandy, Jess, and Renee!!! Your books are on their way!


Llubav said...

oh no i can't believe i missed this contest!! these are really good questions. : )

Kelly said...

poop! I missed by one! Spatula Spatula... I thought perhaps they were using it as a spanking device.

Oh well twas fun!