May 05, 2009

Field Trip to Pescadero

Sunday afternoon Derek said he found a new restaurant for us to try for dinner, so we that evening we hopped in the car and started driving... and driving... down the foggy coast for about an hour or so until we stopped in Pescadero. (I had no idea where we were headed and he refused to tell me...) Turns out we were going to Duarte's Tavern, a family-run restaurant and bar that opened in 1894 and still serves up great seafood dishes and homemade pie. (We had both, and they were delicious!)

Before dinner we had time to take a little stroll in nearby Memorial County Park, which was amazing at dusk with all the tall redwoods and wet ground after the recent rains. It would be a great place to go hiking or camping this summer.

Redwood trees in Memorial Park

Getting ready to eat at Duarte's

1 comment:

james moed said...

mmmm.. love Duartes.. gotta have the roasted green chile soup followed by some serious ollallieberry pie...mmmm hmm..