June 06, 2006

A Fungus Among Us

The current obsession with adorable spotted toadstools and mushrooms is now spreading to the world of street art, as proven by these 2 examples we noticed, first during our vacation in Italy last Fall and more recently in front of Morrow's Nut House on Union Square. Please note that we are talking about cute woodland toadstool art and not trippy psychedelic mushroom art, which is all I could find when I did a Google Image Search for "mushroom graffiti". I swear I saw another good one recently.... will post a picture as soon as I remember where it was.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cute mushroom street art! could anything be more adorabe? I have been needing an excuse to visit Morrows Nut House and now I have found it. eureka. hooray for smarts and crafts!