June 27, 2006

Queueing up the Eames'

We've loved the work and spirit of Charles and Ray Eames for many years now. A truly inspirational "Renaissance Couple", everything they made or did was absolutely beautiful: from their industrial and textile designs, to their photographs and films. I just found "The Films of Charles and Ray Eames," on Netflix and added all 6 disks to our queue. They're unbelievable. Here's one of their more famous films called "Powers of Ten."
Check out www.eamesoffice.com for more info.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome!
once i saw the couple resting by the lake, the memory came rushing back to me - of seeing this film waaaaaay back when i was a but a 'yoot'.
how can 'you' ever be bored when so much is going on within you and without you? (thank you george)

Anonymous said...

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