June 08, 2006

Crocheted Snacks

I am about to start working on a huge crochet project (100 cupcakes!) that is guaranteed to keep me busy all summer, and before I do, I thought I should get a little inspiration from some fellow crafters who specialize in crocheted food.

There is a home for retired people in Strathaven, Tasmania, where the residents have knitted and crocheted themselves an entire kitchen, complete with dishware and food! The cakes, donuts and hamburgers and amazing. And what about the loaf of bread with two slices cut off?!?!? I can't even stand it. Here is a link to the entire piece from ABC Tasmania.

I also have an old magazine clipping (from the Summer 1999 issue of Flaunt Magazine!) with pictures of some crocheted food by Clare Crespo, which are so beautiful and perfect. Her slice of pie on a plate is to die for! And the bacon! Her recent books on creative food stylings and cupcake recipes are totally awesome. Love her!

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