June 03, 2006

NY's Greatest Hits

We just got back the other day from a week long visit to NYC, and although we only moved away 3 months ago, we had such a long list of people and places to visit! Fortunately, we were able to squeeze it all in, in addition to working the Stationery Show at Javits with our friend Kate and her wonderful card company, Saturate. Here's to visiting good friends and sightseeing in New York during a beautiful week in May...

Card making and crafting supplies for last minute additions before the tradeshow... see the real thing at www.saturatedesign.com.

Fun treats from some of our favorite stores, both old and new!

Light up Empire State Building snowglobe and cutie mushroom box from Daily 235.

Purl Patchwork on Sullivan St. is the best ever! I could spend all day looking at all the beautiful patterns and making fun combinations of fabrics. But the half-yard combos are so perfect that you don't even need to bother making your own.

Our old neighborhood in Park Slope has changed so much, and I'm bummed that we don't get to hang out at fun stores like Rare Device, which carries lots of local designers and I met Rena, the owner, at the stationery show and was able to visit the store on a quick run through the neighborhood the day before we left. We picked up this beautiful melamine plate by Lena Corwin, another person who I have become a fan of in recent months. My favorite part is the spiderweb on the tree!

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