June 14, 2006

Business Cards in a Pinch

Since we moved, I've had to give people my new contact info every so often, and have usually ended up writing it on a scrap of paper or promising to email it (and then forgetting to).

The other day I was browsing some crafty sites and I stumbled across this great fill-in-the-blank business card PDF from The Small Object. (click on StenoPad and scroll down to the Downloads button at the bottom of the page.)

They are simple, cute and hand drawn, and very easy to download and print. Such a great idea!

I printed mine on some heavyweight paper, trimmed them on my new paper cutter, and wrote in my info (only the necessary stuff: name, email, website and phone) and now I'm all set!!

Also on the site are many items for sale, including paper products, totes, pins, dolls and many more "small objects". In addition to the free business cards, you can download mailing labels, gift tags and "thumb wrestling champion belts", which are adorable!

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