June 06, 2006

Cellphone Call of the Wild

I was recently forced to replace my beloved cellphone, and with the particular model I chose I was having a hard time finding a ringtone that I could live with, or more to the point, that didn't make me burst out in a cold sweat everytime it went off. Luckily I was hanging out with my lovely friend Christina who has a ringtone on her cellphone that is actually pleasant. Who knew?! Turns out it's the call of a Screech Owl, which sounds better than it, um, sounds. She had downloaded it from a site called GreenTones, which in addition to a number of different "wildlife" calls offers "habitat" and "culture" ringtones as well. Even better, they donate a portion of every sale to the World Wildlife Fund.


Of course if that's too hippie-dippie for you, there's always RingToneJukeBox, where today's most popular download appears to be Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch". Sounds delightful!!!

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