June 05, 2006

Corndogs & Car Crashes!!

We love fairs!
There's just nothing like a warm summer evening spent chomping down corndogs, chili-cheese fries, cotton candy, and pink popcorn bricks (last nights actual dinner, yikes!) while enjoying a sugary lemonade and some of the best people watching around.

Our main reason for going to the Contra Costa County Fair last night (aside from the delectable cuisine) was to witness the Demolition Derby, which was 3 rounds of loud, muddy, stinky, vehicular mayhem. It's surprising (and slightly embarassing) how thrilling it is to watch colorfully painted, horribly mangled cars with cute names like "Sick Puppy" and "2 Ugly" ram into each other over and over and over and over. When they finally flew the checkered flag at the end of it, the outdoor arena was littered with the crushed corpses of dozens of cars, each spewing all sorts of fluids and fuel and smoke and exhaust—and flames too(!) which made me nervous but didn't seem to bother the fearless drivers in the least. It was a lovely warm-up for the California State Fair which hits Sacramento later this summer. The website wasn't quite working today, but in addition to performances by Rick Springfield, Boyz II Men, and Loverboy, a press release from another site for the fair promises:
"[a] wide range of activities on the schedule, including: body building, amateur boxing, live harness racing, monster trucks and demolition derby, Motocross and Street Bikes, food and wine tastings, cultural demonstrations, and much more!"
We can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have never witnessed an actual demolition derby before but from what I see in t.v. and documentary shows, they seem to look really fun but both dangerous to the driver and the spectators. What I would really want to watch are monster trucks. They look really awesome in t.v.