August 16, 2006


For anyone out there who is into paper crafts and does lots of scoring and X-acto cutting, here is a great idea for a DIY scoring tool that is easy and totally works:

Open up a paper clip and snip off the smaller rounded end with wire cutters. Lightly hammer the cut ends to flatten, insert them into the open chuck of a craft knife handle, and tighten firmly. Voila! A nice alternative to the bone folder, and really good for scoring heavy card stock.


baffle said...

Such a great tip (literally and figuratively)!
I have scorers galore - bone folder, dull edge of kid scissors (don't laugh, it's funky but it works), as well as an extra cartridge scorer thingy attachment that goes on one of my paper trimmers (which is nice, but requires knowing exact placement of paper on trimmer to hit the mark).

I like this super clever very 'MacGiver' approach!

I'm going to fashion a paper clip tonight and keep it in my 'travel craft kit' with my X-acto knife (bone folder will stay safely at with paper trimmer and kid scissors)....


baffle said...

I tried it with my X-Acto knife handle, but the openings are too narrow.
The only other craft knife I have has an extend-and-snap-off type blade, so that won't work either.
Still, this paper clip insert thing is a great idea if you've got the right type of craft knife to make it with!