August 02, 2006

Gocco-ing through the tears

I have always been one to sing the praises of the Print Gocco, the magnificent Japanese machine that makes small scale screen printing fast and easy. But somehow I always manage to forget about the frustrating Gocco days, when the ink is either too thick or too runny, the colors are bleeding together and I end up scraping off my screens over and over again. Not to mention, throwing away dozens of imperfect prints. What a mess! This morning I thought I would whip up a handful of Curiosity Guild business cards, which is turning out to be quite a project.

Even these little orange firecrackers on the back of the cards didn't turn out as well as I'd like, since the ink bled into the type and it's barely legible.

Still, when you have a Gocco success, it is the best thing ever- definitely worth the time and effort. (Just wanting to vent my frustrations a bit before I get back to work on these cards!)

Save Gocco update: Print Gocco machines are no longer being manufactured (stock up on screens and ink while you can!) and there is still no news on whether or not any US companies will be able to acquire the rights to make them here. Someone at our local art store told me that she heard there is enough stock left in the states to last a year or two. Check back at often for Gocco news! (The Gocco Photo Pool at flickr is interesting too- over 500 members!)

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