August 16, 2006

Corporate Crafting

A few weeks ago, Lauren and I taught some workshops at an event sponsored by Toyota. They held a bunch of craft nights across the country in an effort to market their new ride to crafty, DIY-ers. Lauren taught soap making and I did glass etching. We'd done this sort of thing before with the Curiosity Guild, but we didn't really know what to expect at a corporate sponsored event. I figured there could be 3 people there, or 3000. Turns out it was somewhere in between. And people are really into etching glass and soap making! It was a ton of work and a ton of fun. We brought our camera along, but were so busy that we didn't have a single moment to snap a single picture. I found a couple shots online, though...

The crowd.
People etching away.
Making soap.

1 comment:

baffle said...

You two are too cool for school!

Will CG stage a glass etching and soap-making event soon?
Do tell!