August 04, 2006

The best little scissors

Sometimes it is worth a little bit of a splurge to have really good tools, whether they are for crafting, cooking or building. And it is especially fun when they are shaped like animals!

I love my stork embroidery scissors by Gingher. They are super sharp and have the most lovely design.


Anonymous said...

just yesterday i was showing a co-worker my birdy scissors and telling her about how jealous i am that yours make a cute little tweet-type noise when you cut a thread.

Lauren said...

I know mine probably need to be oiled or something, but I kind of like the noise they make!

Anonymous said...

I still have my bird scissors purchased 1970-ish from a fancy schmancy shoppe in Ghirardhelli Square.

Had to have them from the moment I laid eyes on them. Never knew such a thing existed - so wonderful!

Still sharp, too.

I like the fact that your birdy scissors 'tweets'. You're right, it could probably use a bit of oil, but I prefer to think of the squeak as a bonus fun feature!