August 18, 2006

How to skip stones

I have a checklist a mile long of things I want to learn how to do, and skipping stones is one of those things. My dad was always able to skip stones really well (seems like one of those things that dads just inherently know how to do) but mine always seem to sink without a single bounce.

This article
explains that the secret is to toss your stone at the "magic angle" of 20 degrees. Aha! An excellent tip that I will try to remember the next time I'm chillin' by a lake with some perfectly round and flat stones in my pocket. (Not sure when that will be...) I know it will take much practice, but I'm determined to learn how to do this!


Conn said...

if i would have only known, i would have taught you all those time we were hanging out at the lake. i must say i'm pretty good at it. it's quite rewarding when you get one that finally skips. as for the 20 degree angle??? i never heard that... i just threw until i got it... and besides i'm not that scientific.
happy skipping.

Lauren said...

OK next time you'll have to teach me. I think part of the reason I never learned is because I don't have enough patience to sit there and try it over and over again until I get it right... I'm working on that!

Conn said...

you got it...

i love how the comments on here say " lauren said" , "conn said".
inside joke for everyone else out there.

Jessamyn Harris said...

maybe you should come up to santa rosa, and we can go to spring lake and you can practice skipping! then me and Devon can cook you two dinner at our weird funky 1920s apartment and you can finally meet him : )
Just a thought. and an open invite! xoxo