August 08, 2008

Everything is OK

A couple weeks ago we received this mysterious can in the mail. Upon opening it, we found a roll of caution tape, some stickers, postcards, buttons and a link to follow to the everything is ok website. After reading up about the project, which began as an installation at the Pasadena Museum of California Art and the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, we decided to hang the caution tape in front of the shoppe after we closed up the following Sunday night.

By the next day we had a few phone calls from concerned friends and passers-by, (including our FedEx delivery person) and by mid-afternoon on Monday someone had taken it down, but we thought it was an interesting experiment and were happy to be involved! Click here to read more about the everything is ok activist kits.


Rachel said...

This is an interesting project and it's very cool that you guys played along!

Anonymous said...

U've got an interesting blog!Will be checking it out often!

Ruth said...

thats an interesting project, I love stuff from the curiosity shoppe, they have great ideas :)