August 28, 2008

Photo assignment: Stripes

Hello talented photographers! Thank you again for sending in all your amazing pictures. Next week's photo assignment is: "Wheels". Please email your photos to info@curiosityshoppeonline before next Thursday. Thank you!

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Leigh's photo

Nicole's photo

Laura's photo

Beth's photo

Bev's photo

Joelle's photo

Tom's photo

Gregory's photo

Conn's photo

John's photo


Rachel said...

I love Conn's photograph!

Conn said...

gee thanks rachel.
L&D... I have that same shirt D is wearing.

House Dreams said...

Amazing holographic cucumber, flourescent rhubarb/chard? and unworldly flower. The orange wire chair against the b&w shirt pattern were optically illusionistic.

And Derek...
amazing shoes.

Tom and Joelle