August 27, 2008

Watch this show

There is life after cable. We've been TV-free for a year now and although I still complain about how much I miss channel surfing, I have to say that when we do watch "TV" (on our computer), we watch much higher quality shows and it doesn't feel at all like wasted time. Recently we've been catching up on new episodes of 30 Days, full episodes of which are viewable on

Hosted and created by Morgan Spurlock, who made the documentary "Super Size Me" in 2004, it is an incredible show in which someone (sometimes Morgan, sometimes another willing volunteer) spends 30 days learning about and fully immersing themselves in a community or lifestyle that is completely different from their own. In the episode we watched last night, Morgan goes to live with a Native American family on a reservation. In another, he spends 30 days working in a coal mine in West Virginia. Watching these individuals learn about and struggle with different views and lifestyles makes for riveting television, and what they take away with them at the end of each episode is always relevatory. Watch and learn!

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Leigh said...

Yeah, we like this show too. We've just seen a few episodes, though. We watched one where he lived on minimum wage for 30 days. Hard to believe that is even possible, and it turns out it really isn't.