August 21, 2008

Photo assignment: Movement

Seriously folks, your photos are blowing me away! I love everyone's interpretations of "movement" . Thanks so much! Next week's theme is: "stripes". Please email your photos to: before next Thursday!

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Leigh's photo

Tom's photo

Brooke's photo

Conn's photo

John's photo

Liz's photo

Parnell's photo

Andrew's photo

Joelle's photo

Laura's photo


Laura said...

gosh, ive missed some really great photos & assignments while i was away for the summer.
im so glad you guys have continued to do this weekly!

Conn said...

as hard as it is too pick a favorite... i have to say i adore laura's image. but i enjoy them all.

Rachel said...

Great photos!

liz song mandell said...

hahah.. FUN! I love seeing other people's interpretations of a word.

Claire, said...

I only have one day to get my stripes picture sent to you. I love this idea!