January 18, 2007

Time Management 101

As an obsessive list maker who still manages to feel overwhelmed with things to do most of the time, I have recently started reading up on time management and have discovered that there is a whole world of time management books, gurus, blogs and gadgets out there that make up a real subculture of time obsessed freaks and geeks (like me!).

Getting into the tools and accessories needed to help organize lists and "action tasks" (important buzz word) is no problem for me, as I love buying pens and notepads more than anything. These notepads from KnockKnock are are incredible!

Blogs like 43 Folders and Life Hacker are fun to read, although they are sometimes too tech-oriented for a pen and paper organizer like myself. Mostly I just like to read other people's tips on how to be more productive, and it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who checks her work email the minute she gets home from work (which is something I really need to stop doing).

I have also been rereading Getting Things Done by David Allen as well as his other book, Ready for Anything, which, although a little cheesy and self help-y, is actually working so far! I figure January is a good time to try to get some new organizational systems in place, but I'll have to check back in a couple months to let you know if they're working out.

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