January 29, 2007

My Cotton Friend

Why must all the best craft books and magazines be in Japanese?? The other day I came across the Summer '06 issue of my new favorite sewing magazine, Cotton Friend, on sale and I snatched it up right away. The best thing about it is that patterns are included for everything in the magazine, and process shots for most of the projects should make the steps a little easier to follow. Unfortunately though, ALL the patterns are printed on the same tear-out sheet (see below). It is dizzying and beautiful, and practically impossible to figure out. Wish me luck! If I can decipher the patterns, I'm hoping to make everything here, and more!


baffle said...

All the garments are absolutely adorably beautiful. You'd look fab in those styles!

I tried Babelfish for translation. Not so good! You can get the gist, but it may still send you to Frustration City. 'Lost in Translation'?

A letter from the Cotton Friend website:



Translated as:

Summer number concerning "the going out apron" of publication in page 90 you inform. When statement method of size is difficult to understand, being to receive indication, we inform It is size of statement inside the photograph, but this is size of completion. When judging, please be completed and attach the outlet seam of the circular surrounding to size and, judge. We apply annoyance with the inscription which is difficult to understand, there is no excuse.

Lauren said...

Huh? I think I might be better off without the translation! Yes, I agree it is "difficult to understand, there is no excuse."

Anonymous said...

this magazine looks GREAT!! the clothes look so pretty! I'm heading to my nearest Kinokuniya to find it! ;)

Anonymous said...

The grean pattern dress is my favorite. lovely