January 06, 2007

Quote of the Day

I don't believe in this 'gifted few' concept, just in people doing things they are really interested in doing. They have a way of getting good at whatever it is."

- Charles Eames

A reassuring thought for those of us who are determined to learn how to do all sorts of new things without any formal training. With the right amount of focus, inspiration and patience, there are ways to become proficient at almost anything! (I write this as I sit here trying to learn more about photo lighting digital photography. I can and will figure this out!)


Conn said...
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Conn said...

ok so yeah i deleted the last comment. too tired and had too many typo's.
So when you shoot, what camera are you using? Did you get your new light cube yet?

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I so agree! I really think that people are afraid to try things for some reason or another--so often I get people who say that they can't sew on a button let alone do embroidery like I do. Well, I wasn't born knowing how to do embroidery, LOL. I first learned how to sew on the button and just branched out from there.