November 01, 2006

Tomorrow's Lunch Menu

Treasure Chest Tuna Sandwiches! How can I resist? (Though I may leave out the "pineapple tidbits" that are in the recipe.) I found this ad while flipping through an old Sunset Magazine we picked up at the flea market a couple weeks ago, circa 1955.


baffle said...

That is one pretty cool-looking sandwich. I'm willing to bet it has pimiento, as everything seemed to in the 50's.
What are the treasure chest 'straps' made of?

Rustle me up a Treasure Chest Tuna Sammich please!
(and yes, omit the pineapple tidbits).

Lauren said...

The treasure chest is straps are fashioned out of bell pepper strips, and the "gold coins" are carrot slices!