November 12, 2006

Get Together! Opening

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us Friday for the grand (oh, it certainly was grand!) opening of the Hardware Store gallery's new show, Get Together! And a huge special thanks to Susan O'Malley and all the fantastically talented artists whose amazing work is featured in the show: Keri Oldham, Sean McFarland, Lindsay White, Ashley Neese, Sarah Applebaum, Alex Clausen, and Jonn Herschend. If you're in the Bay Area, please swing by and check out the show. Here are a few shots from the opening, we'll post more (where you can actually see the work) at the Guild website soon.

1 comment:

baffle said...

Holy Great Success!
Look at all those people!

for the Curiosity Guild & Shoppe/ Hardware Store Gallery/ Smarts and Crafts.

to all the talented expressive artistes.