November 10, 2006

Someone please help this deer!

"Plastic jack-o'-lantern threatens deer's life". I just saw this CNN headline on my homepage when I turned on my computer, and I had to read more about it. Turns out, this poor deer in Michigan got a plastic jack-o'-lantern stuck over its mouth and hasn't been able to eat or drink for days! Not to mention, hunting season starts next week and running around with a bright orange pumpkin stuck to your muzzle isn't the best plan for a little deer. No one has been able to get close enough to help remove it, and they'll have to tranquilize the poor thing soon if he can't get it off on his own. So sad!


baffle said...

Poor l'il thing looks so uncomfortable. I'd offer to help, but alas, I have no tranquilizer gun. Would need it too, because our domestic deer aren't as user-friendly as the 'bowing deer of Nara':

They really do bow - even if you don't feed them! It freaked me out, but I stood amongst them and bowed right back!

Conn said...

oh no... that is so sad!! i saw the headline and forgot to look and see what it was about today. why!!!!
see plastic is just BAD!!!!

Anonymous said...

it was freed! nobody got close enough, but apparently the deer got it off himself! (they found the lantern) yay, so no worries!

House Dreams said...

Pumpkin-Headed Deer Frees Itself
Associated Press 11.11.06
A deer stuck in a plastic Halloween bucket for a week has freed itself.
Children found a dented, hair-lined plastic pumpkin and neighbors saw a thin deer running free. The rain may have helped the deer wriggle free.

Lauren said...

Thank you for the updates!

baffle said...

I have been wondering and was going to ask the Very-Busy-Lauren whassup.
Thanks to those with eyes peeeeeeeled and one ear to the track!