November 17, 2006


Sorry to be repetitive, but I wanted to share our fun adventure last night and it just so happens to involve a bunch of great people and places that have already been mentioned here before. Oh well...lucky us.

Last night we headed across a fog enshrouded Golden Gate bridge to visit the Headlands Center for the Arts. I'd never been there "after hours", and I'm happy to report it's as enchanting and wonderful at night as it is in the daytime. Actually I found it even more inviting in all its silent pitch black foggy splendor (even though I was keeping an eye out for ghosts the whole time).

The reason for our visit was a talk given by one of our all-time favorite artists Thomas Campbell. We all sat around on benches and bleachers while he clicked through a slide show of images of all sorts of fun stuff: pictures of him skateboarding as a kid, photos he's taken throughout the years, his garage studio in Santa Cruz, friends, his friends' art, bands he loves (and/or records), his new work in bronze, and tons of images from his recent show at the Museum het Domein in Holland. He also showed some brief clips of his films (the surf documentary Sprout, see trailer below) and a short that he shot with Bonnie Prince Billy that's an homage of sorts to the late, great John Denver. After the slideshow we all headed up to his studio and got to check out a bunch of stuff he's currently working on. The whole event was so casual and mellow and comfy, and most importantly INSPIRATIONAL. What a treat!!

Here are some links to check out:
A Fecal Face mention of his recent show at Roberts and Tilton in LA.

Thomas's record label Galaxia, which produces records by the amazing Peggy Honeywell and Tommy Guerrero, among others.

The catalog for the sensational show his work is featured in called Beautiful Losers.

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