October 02, 2006

Curiosity Guild Etching Workshop!

We had a ton of fun at yesterday's Curiosity Guild workshop "Itchin' To Get Etchin'". Thanks to all who participated! Everyone totally blew my socks off with their beautifully designed pieces, and I'm so glad noone took my advice to keep it simple! I wish we had more pictures to share, but as usual, we were too busy "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" over everyone's crafty creations.
I would like to thank the anonymous vandal whose old tag on CG HQ inadvertently provided us with a very appropriate window treatment, as well as a good example of the many different uses of etching cream. Thanks Dude!


Jessamyn Harris said...

ooh, la la! you're not, by chance, at the mama buzz cafe in oakland, are you? looks like their space... but probably isn't. it's co owned by my friend nicole.

by the way, devon has started fooling around with etching glass (with an etching pen thing found at the dollar store - looks like one of those handmade tattoo guns from a ballpoint pen and electric toothbrush but works! $1!) and I'm thinking of getting him some kind of real etching gunk for his bday in a week and a half... any ideas?

Lauren said...

We've been having our events at our awesome new studio in Bernal Heights. You should come out for the next one!

The etching pen sounds interesting.... we did ours with an acid etching cream called Armour Etch. It's super easy and fun, and you should be able to buy it at most art supply stores.