October 17, 2006


Fall is here and Halloween is around the corner- for us this means carving jack-o-lanterns, eating a ton of candy and putting out our ghost salt & pepper shakers by Marcel Dzama. Oh, and hanging fake spiderwebs in the windows. And cutting bat shapes out of paper to hang all around the house.

But let's talk about Marcel Dzama for a minute! A couple years ago his art was everywhere- on the cover of Beck's last album, in a children's book by They Might Be Giants, and on products for Cerealart (including our beloved salt and pepper shakers).

Spend some time at the Royal Art Lodge website to explore more of his drawings, and those by his talented friends (many of the drawings are collaborations, and those are amazing as well) and if you have a chance, peruse one of his books, which are goldmines filled with all kinds of examples of his classic yet somewhat twisted drawings and paintings.

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