October 27, 2006

Nature Lovers Unite!

Here are some images from the November issue of National Geographic, which just arrived in our mailbox yesterday. As always, it is full of the most beautiful nature photography around. These two photos are of some white mushrooms from Ecuador and a leafy seadragon (cousin of the seahorse) found in Australia.

Every time I flip through an issue of National Geographic, three things are bound to happen:
1) I will read about something that sprains my brain (someone found some 3-million year old bones and was able to deduce that the first ever human beings looked like this?!?)
2) I will come across an amazing picture of a plant or a creature that I swear is the most beautiful and strange thing I have ever seen (see above).
3) I will slam the magazine shut after stumbling across a vivid, frightening photo of a lion eating a gazelle, a seal hunting a penguin, or any number of bloody events that occur in nature everyday.
Exciting stuff!


Anonymous said...

i thought those mushrooms were knitted and felted. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I've SEEN one of those seahorse dragon creatures...live! At the aquarium in boston...it was truly the most amazing beautiful and strange thing I'VE ever seen!!