September 28, 2006

Grey Card Mysteries Revealed

We are in the throes of getting everything ready to launch our online store (which will hopefully be open any day now!) and we are learning sooooo much. It wouldn't be like us if we didn't try to do every last thing ourselves, so right now we are acting as webmasters, photographers, writers, designers- you name it!

While we were shooting our products, we had to experiment with lots of different lighting set ups and try to get our little point and shoot camera to do all kinds of crazy things that it didn't want to do. Enter the grey card, an 18% grey piece of tag board that is a handy tool for balancing colors. When I read this tutorial it finally started to make sense! I won't go into the details here, but if you're interested in product photography, you should definitely check out the link. It also explains how to use the levels feature in Photoshop, which helps a ton with color correction. How could I have overlooked this handy tool before? As I said before, there is something new to learn everyday!

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Conn said...

thanks for the link...
great tip.
i too learned about levels... from
all these little things that seemed so difficult in the past
are really rather easy.