September 18, 2006

Red Sweaters Deployed!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last Friday to the opening reception of The Red Sweaters Deployment Project! It was a fantastic evening full of great art, friends (old and new), and family (mostly old-HAHA!). We had a huge turnout and everyone seemed genuinely excited and moved by the installation. It was such a pleasure to put together, and we encourage everyone to come see it over and over and over (2400+ sweaters, and no 2 are alike). It will be up until October 28th, so please come visit. We also had a great bunch of knitters and crocheters who added around 10 new sweaters to the project. We're still a couple of hundred behind, so keep those sweaters coming! For updates on the project keep checking in with, as well as the Hardware Store's website.

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