September 05, 2006


Here are some pics from the Curiosity Guild jam making workshop on Sunday. Thanks to Carolina from cmbsweets for showing us how to make yummy jams and jellies!

Carolina explains Jam 101 to a group of Guild members, and a sampling of her lovely jams.

Guild members hulling many pounds of strawberries.

Strawberry & peach jams simmering on the stove, and grape jelly jars waiting to be sterilized.

The fruits of our labor!


John said...

well shoot. now that's a gathering i'm sorry i missed. it looks like it was a real "jam-boree!" (yuk, yuk) i always wondered about the boiling-the-jar-thing. my mom used to do it and it seemed like the kitchen was suddenly turned into a chemistry lab. damned that jar whose lid was not indented! I just made some low-rent cherry jam with cherries we picked at a farm upstate in july-we froze them. It's technically "preserves" because i didn't do anything but add some sugar and boil it down. I LOVE CHERRIES!

Lauren said...

There's no such thing as low rent jam! Especially if it's cherry! The whole jar sterilization thing really wasn't scary at all- you just put them in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes and you're good to go.

baffle said...

Cherry jam is the best!
Plum jam runs a close second.

However, overcooked plum jam is a challenge...

I agree, no low-rent. The last batch of jam I made was also frozen. No problemo, it all gets eaten up in a couple of months anyway.

Regarding the overcooked plum jam, I'm saving my jar of the hard-as-a-rock slightly burnt tasting stuff and trying it out as a doctored up plum sauce over pork tenderloin.
It'll be soooooo good, and Lauren will regret tossing out those other reject jars.