September 07, 2006

Check out The Purl Bee

Oh, to be able to work in a beautiful yarn store and be able to write about knitting and quilting, all day long! New York City's Purl is my all time favorite yarn store, and Purl Patchwork, its sister store for all things quilt related, is equally amazing!

Check out their cute blog for good project inspiration- Fall is around the corner and it's time to start working on some new craft projects!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this link to our new blog! Smarts and Crafts is just wonderful!

Conn said...

Great minds think alike. I just stopped by there. I was quite inspired by The Visionary Pincushion. I need a new one since I am working on my new Hawaiian quilt pillow. I wish I could just sit and finish it, but I have a few other ideas that I want to sew as well... and well... I neglect the pillow more than I should. Any idea where I can get an extra set of hands?

baffle said...

Aloha Conn! ~ Lauren has her very own sweatshop goin' here in CA. Come on out and we'll give ya an extra set of hands (or several sets), for sure! As a sweatshop boss, that Lauren is ALRIGHT!

Lauren ~ Purl's cute blog is truly inspiring. They make everything look good. In my recent 'purging of extraneous house stuff', I found an old-style hotpad like the ones they show on the site, and now I have a new mode appreciation for that old thang. Thanks for the link - I'll be visiting there daily!

Lauren said...

Hi Joelle! We are huge fans of Purl. Everything in your store(s) is so beautiful! The colors and the textures, and now the prints.... I miss visiting during my lunch breaks when I used to work in SoHo. I have yet to find my favorite knitting/quilting stores out her e in San Francisco- but I'm still looking!