December 02, 2009

This Just In!!!

As we mentioned in our last post, our friend Lea of Leafcutter Designs (and the World's Smallest Postal Service fame...) is a never ending source of wonderfully creative ideas. To prove that point, Lea just invited us (and therefore YOU) to participate in a super exciting and fun new project.

This one involves the 500 Colored Pencils Subscription Set from Felissimo that we've been drooling over. Well, Lea won herself a couple subscriptions and would like to share the love with all of us. Instead of keeping the beautiful set to herself, she is going to be sending out pencils to anyone interested in contributing to "With A Pencil In My Pocket". She explains the project in detail on her site, but basically you sign up (for $35) and each month (for the next 20 months) you will be sent one of these very special pencils. You will then be tasked with doing something that you feel represents the color of your particular pencil, and then writing a very short story about your experience. Check out her site for some really good examples.

Spots are limited, and filling up quickly, so head on over to Lea's site and sign up now!

We can't wait to get started! This is going to be awesome!!

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Leigh said...

This sounds like so much fun so I signed up to participate :)