December 02, 2009

Lea's Curio Search

You may know Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs from her monthly visits to the shoppe with the World's Smallest Postal Service. She is also the brains behind the ever-popular wiggly eye dice and earrings for spontaneous seeding that we sell. Every time we see Lea, she's got a new brilliant idea that she executes to perfection, whether it's a matchbox theater, a teacup lending library, or a"noodle performance kit". A new service that Lea offers through her website is the Curio Search, which operates as follows:

You give her a list of 20 descriptive words and a price limit, and she will search high and low for the perfect curio to send to you in return, along with a letter explaining the history of the object. Genius, right?

Here are some examples (and results) of recent searches:

Words: new orleans cat vintage paper lantern flower lunch box texture floaty pen creative mermaid shoes tea towel art flirty romantic

Result: Mermaid Fishing Lure

Words: Josh, creative, orange, green, glasses, left, loved, loving, diligent, hilarious, gadget, Apple, Fall, Christy, Cade, Clara, parent, fourteen, cat, computer

Result: Folding Heart Glasses

Lea will be at the shoppe this Sunday, December 6th with the World's Smallest Postal Service (her last visit of the year) from 1-5pm. Stop by, say hello, and don't forget to bring your holiday notes and addresses for Lea to transcribe onto microscopic stationery and envelopes!

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