June 23, 2009

Point & Shoot!!

Spent yesterday afternoon down at the Golden Gate Park Archery Range. It was a beautiful day for sticking a hay bale full of holes. If you're interested, there are a ton of fun ways to get your bow and arrow adventure off to a great start. Take a lesson from Eddie at the SF Archery Pro Shop, hook up with the Golden Gate Archery Alliance, or sign up for a class with the City College of San Francisco Archery Club.

The gear: recurve bow, arrows, and ground quiver.

Warming up at close range. (photo by Eddie)

Best shots of the day.

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House Dreams said...

I love archery, it was one high school sport I was good in. Well and swimming, too.

We thought we'd set up a range here at Gopher Flats, but decided we might kill a neighbor, so let that idea go.

Now I'm inspired.