June 16, 2009

Dress for Success

The Outfit!

As someone who pretty much wears the same thing every day, I love getting seeing how other people mix it up and assemble outfits that are inspired by color stories, magazine clippings, movies, and art. This morning I was catching up on some missed posts over at Creature Comforts and spotted this one- where all the pieces of the summery outfit pictured above were inspired by a painting by Mati McDonough, who will be showing with Lisa Congdon next month in the shoppe gallery! I challenge everyone who comes to their opening on July 10th to check out the sneak peek of their work and put together outfits that are inspired by their beautiful paintings. It will be the most stylish party ever!


Bri said...

What a great idea. I just love the color palette.

zhom said...

Also- art-inspired room decor and even furniture patterned after the color combos, textures and forms inspired by fashion (there have recenty been some terrific magazine ads showing the latter).

Oh what a fun idea for gallery visitors to wear clothes inspired by your next art show! Take lotsa pix for show n' tell!

caroline said...

i'm looking for a birch print skirt now.