June 25, 2009

Thursday photo assignment: "Signs"

GREAT photos for "signs", everyone!!! Next week's theme is: "light". Please email your photos to: info@curiosityshoppeonline.com before next Thursday!

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Adam's photo

Judah's photo

Aurora's photo

Tom's photo

Linda's photo

Elizabeth's photo

Joelle's photo

Erin's photo

Conn's photo

Bryan's photo

Leigh's photo

Christine's photo

Collyn's photo

Lise's photo

Lydia's photo


Conn said...

wow... such good imagery. i think it's my favorite grouping yet.

Deb said...

i agree!

i was wanting to enter either my front street "jesus coming" sign or the little "cream puffs" toothpick-in-puff sign from Komodas, conn . . . but i forgot:(
loving your kitch'n cook'd image . . . i'll need to pay a visit there next trip!!

No Louding - :-D!