June 14, 2007

Just Peg It (The end of the chip-clip)

Thought this was too funny, especially the Six Million Dollar Man-style background music. Those of us who used to peg our pants in the '80s should have no problem mastering this folding technique.

Via Unclutterer


Scott said...

Does that mean pegging your pants is due for a comeback?!

Conn said...

love it. because we are always running out of clips.
tried it. failed.
can't figure out what we are doing wrong. i think it is because we are not using a foil lined bag like the one in the video. will try that when get one and keep you posted.

baffle said...

good to know i'm not the only one who tried/failed.
i also don't have foil lined bag....

whilst humming the SMDM song (wasn't familiar), i hit the pause button over and over and rewound and rewatched - to no avail.

today i bring you the chip bag so you can show me how-to, you smartypants, you.