June 07, 2007

Petit Patterns

Another Japanese craft book to obsess over! These are called Petit Pattern Books, and I picked them up at the Cooper Hewitt gift shop when we were in New York. Inside each book are pages and pages of patterns (mine are called Dots & Stripes and Scandinavian Style), a disk that includes all the patterns in both EPS and JPG format, and craft ideas as well as templates for projects to make with them. It's good inspiration and since it's so easy to change the colors of the patterns in the computer, it's perfect for last minute notecards, customized mix cd labels, or to use some of their suggestions, sugar cube wrappers and paper cups!


John said...

Sugar cube wrappers? Sweet!
Seriously cute books. Great find.

Anonymous said...

They have these books in the Japantown bookstore in SF too