June 21, 2007

PTA: Dude Sounds Like A Lady

Ok, that's a misleading title. The PTA (Personal Trend Alert) I'm experiencing right now has less to do with guys who sing like girls, and more to do with the fact that most of the great music I'm listening to right now features Men-Who-Sing-In-Higher-Registers (which doesn't sound quite as clever as Dude Sounds Like A Lady...). Anyway, I've always loved Jimmy Scott, and Neil Young has been rockin' my (free) world for a long time, and I've even been known to croon a little "Danke Schoen" Ferris Bueller-style in the shower, but there are a couple bands that I'm constantly recommending to everyone, and it only recently dawned on me that they share this similar trait. Take a little listen for yourself (with recommended songs):

-Loney Deer (Saturday Waits)
-Tom Brosseau (Here Comes the Water Now)
-Falcon (The Sandfighter)
-Death Vessel (Deep in the Horchata)
-Mew (The Zookeeper's Boy)

***Oh, and that dude pictured above is Alessandro Moreschi, a world famous castrato. Which is totally different from what I'm talking about...I just couldn't think of a clever way to illustrate this posting.

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baffle said...

For some inexplicable reason, I like the word 'Castrato', though I suppose most men wouldn't.