July 14, 2006

101 Ways to Unwarp a Cutting Mat

None of which work! I guess I have set too many mugs of hot tea on my self-healing cutting mat over the past few years and now it is almost too warped to use....

I did a little research online and found that there are quite a few message boards that address this problem, which seems to be fairly common. The warping could also occur if you leave the mat in a hot car or keep it on a table that gets direct sunlight, so be careful with your cutting mats!

The first suggestion I tried was to put it between my mattress and the slats on my bedframe for a couple weeks, which made no difference at all.

The second was to soften the mat in a tub of warm water and then flatten it under a mountain of heavy books, which seemed to work! But a couple hours later the ripples were back.

I think the best idea I've seen is to salvage any usable parts of the mat by cutting it down and getting rid of the warped pieces, so I will try that next. Then I'm off to the craft store to get myself a new one!


Anonymous said...


Let's give the 'lay it on a hot driveway in the hot sun' tip a try, OK?

If you've still got the old warped mat, we've got the hot summer sun beating down on our hot driveway for quite a few hours each day!

Jessamyn Harris said...

or... if it were me, I would go to the photo supply store (or framers) and use their hot mounting press at a low temp and see if that worked.
of course, that's what destroyed my warped fraggle rock 7" and erotic city 10"... but I get way too impatient and am not crafty like you guys.

let's visit soon!

Lauren said...

Ooh, hot mounting press- good idea!