July 07, 2006

Bedazzling the Art World with Beads

In my recent web browsing, I've come across a couple articles about artists who are working with glass beads in amazing ways. First I came across a posting and a follow up interview on the Make blog about an artist named Peggy Demciber who did an amazing version of a Candy Land board game, all in glass beads.

Next up was an article about some of the more popular artists at this year's Art Basel festival, and the accompanying photo was a beaded piece by an artist named Frances Goodman, who makes stuffed pincushion-like pieces that are covered in beads and have phrases on them like "Craving Attention" or "Exquisite Pain".

All this reminded me of another amazing artist named Liza Lou, who creates entire environments that are entirely beaded. See for yourself!

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