July 26, 2006

New Stamps

I'm not a stamp collector, but I do get super excited every time new stamp designs come out. Why stick to the boring old flags when there are all these great stamps available? I'm loving these Sugar Ray Robinson stamps! And check out these other great designs:

Awesome superhero series from DC Comics.

While we're on a quilt kick, here is a set of Gees Bend stamps.

And since while we're on a motorcycle kick too...

A good tip I picked up while living in New York and HATING the long lines at the post office was to order stamps online at www.usps.com. They always have more styles available, and the shipping/handling is minimal.

I'm also excited about this year's holiday stamps, which will feature beautiful snowflakes. So much better than the Christmas cookies and Santa ornaments from the past couple years!

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