August 07, 2009

Thursday (well, Friday) Photo Assignment: Tools

Thanks for waiting an extra day for the photo assignment, friends! Various appointments and meetings kept me away from my computer all day yesterday. And THANK YOU for these incredible "tool" photos, which are amazing! Next week's theme is: "yellow". Email your photos to before next Thursday if you'd like to participate, and I promise to get them posted on time next week! xoxo

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Christine's photo

Joelle's photo

Andrew's photo

Eran's photo

Margaret's photo

Jonathan's photo

Elizabeth's photo

Jacqueline's photo

Conn's photo

Tom's photo

Aurora's photo

1 comment:

Renee said...

I love that Jonathan's photo referenced a human "tool", because that's the first thing I thought of with this category. Thanks for the laugh!