August 27, 2009

Thursday Photo Assignment: Little

These "little" photos are sooo cute! Thanks everyone! (Lise- your kitty picture cracks me up every time I look at it.) Next week's theme is: "twist". As always, email your photos to before next Thursday if you'd like to participate. Sorry I haven't been able to post these at the same time each week- between our weekly Thursday book project meetings and our trip to NY, it's been a little crazy! But starting the week after next, I should be back on track with the 1pm post time. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Derek's photo

Lauren's photo

Audrey's photo

Janet's photo

Beth's photo

Deb's photo

Conn's photo

Jacqueline's photo

Lise's photo

Linda's photo

Jonathan's photo

Leigh's photo

Tom's photo

Joelle's photo

8/28: One more "little" photo arrived in my inbox last night- here it is!!

Chris' photo

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House Dreams said...

So many little lizards!